Graphic Design

Minimal Design, Clear Message

I worked for may years as a Graphic Designer, and design manager, within the media sector, advertising sectors.

One of the best aspects of this role was the chance to meet clients, and to help them work out the best message and visual for their needs.

Design is about connecting people and ideas. We cannot start to deliver design, without understanding who those people are, and what ideas need to be conveyed.

Advertiser online logos and branding.

The development of the Advertiser online brand has taken place over time. A lot of concepts were explored, eventually we settled back to a simpler typographic solution. Easily adaptable as the site develops.

The Beauty Lounge, Galway

Design concepts for this customer to show a sense of the salon’s relaxed friendly atmosphere. 

We took visual cues from their existing branding
and developed our concepts, using strong warm colours with simple modern fonts.
These ads work very well as brand builder.

KoochieKoo, Westport, Co Mayo.

This newly launched business, required adverts which would highlight the shop’s location, and also showcase their wide range of products.
These designs maximise the space without becoming crowded, the colour scheme reflects the business identity and target audience.

I also encouraged the use of and overall
image to catch the viewers attention.

Lake Distributors, Kilkenny.
Ad campaign to showcase their product range and counter the perception of a single item provider.

Galway Taxis.
Ads to encourage customers to take a taxi home
at night, aimed at the city student population.

Pat McDonnell Paints, Briarhill, Galway
Designed to encourage customers to see
this business as more that just a place to purchase paints, but also to seek DIY advice.

Galway City Council.
Ad templates to be use to communication public information on a weekly basis.